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milwlakescene's Journal

lake scenesters
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this is the anit-scene. ha. no it's not.

it's the reflections and not what you see in them.
it's the feeling you get when you're there.
it's the experience.

this is for those who have ever gone down to the lake and looked past all it's pollution and have seen the beauty.

you can write about anything in the area (not just the lake) but i'm not limiting you, you can do whatever you want. if you're playing a show, you should put it in here, or even if you're just going to one. if you're going somewhere and you think it'd be cool to meet up with random people there, post it here. it's up to you.
clouds, east side locations, milwaukee bands, people, stars, sun/moon-rises, sun/moon-sets, the sky, torchsongtrilogy, water, waves, your house